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Preventative Maintenance Program


   Throughout the year certain aspects of your home or business require attention periodically to continue to provide longevity, reliability & safety.


   By signing up for the Preventative Maintenance Program we will remind you when it comes time to perform certain tasks for worry free operation.



Furnace/Air Handler Filter Changes                        3-6 Months

            Replace filters, clean blower motor, oil pumps, inspect belts.

               Keep your family & employee's healthy & warm!


Smoke/CO2 Detector/Emergency Light Inspection   6 Months

            Inspect unit integrity.

            Test/replace batteries.

               Keep your family & employee's safe!


Garage/Service Door Preventative Maintenance       6 Months

            Grease/lubricate:  casters, hinges, cable/chain & tracks.

            Adjust tensions:   Springs, cable, chain & belt.

               Long lasting reliability!


Hot Water Heater Flush                                               12 Months

           Longevity of heating coils

           Reduce sediment & mineral build-up

               Keep your family & employee's healthy & warm!


Gutter/Downspout Cleaning                                       Spring/Fall

           Remove debris from gutters, downspouts and extensions.

           Trim vegitation away from roof lines.

               Prevent water leaks & ice dams!


Snow Mitigation/Roof Raking                         As Needed/Winter

           +12"  snow can be detrimental to your roofs strength & integrity.

           Icicle removal - Safety/Liability

               Prevent roof & gutter damage, water leaks & ice dams!





Proper preventative maintenance will ensure that your home & equipment

will last decades instead of years!


*Specialty prices for yearly service plans*

Call or email us for details!

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